Sister ,
My daughter learn Tajweed rules and lot of things from Fatima Online Qur’an Academy, Jazakumullahu khair,
Allah apku kamiyabi ata kare Ameen

MA aleem

Masha Allah, friendly with kids and at the same time professional approach 👌

Mohammed Shajiuddin

Amazing place to learn Quran! The teachers are very friendly and engaging. Supportive staff are very helpful and respond to any queries fast. Highly recommend.

Ben, USA

We have been with FQA for a year now. We went through 2 or 3 teachers before but I was not satisfied. Then we found Fatima Quran academy Which is an excellent Qur’anic platform. Now I can recite Quran with tajweed Alhamdulillah.

Fatoh, Bangalore

I definitely recommend it to others. I feel that I really benefited from my whole experience with Fatima Quran classes. I have seen a drastic improvement in my recitation. Highly recommend those who wanna improve their Tajweed.

Sobia, Qatar