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FQA Arabic Calligraphy is an amazing online Arabic calligraphy learning platform. This course is designed for those who are passionate about Arabic Calligraphy.It is also used in decoration and architecture these days.

All you need is a Qalam, likka, Calligraphy Ink and ofcourse a paper. Always wanted to start writing Traditional way of Arabic Calligraphy, but don’t know where to start ? Well you are at the right place to learn Arabic Calligraphy. 

Course Details

Our video series of Arabic Calligraphy teach with interactive and enjoyable methods in order to make the learning easy and joyful. Each video will take you step by step In sha allah.

Course Features

Easy access to your classes and teacher from anywhere Female teachers are available. practice and Live attention. No age limit. No prior knowledge needed related Arabic Calligraphy. Affordable Pricing.

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Online Arabic Thuluth Calligraphy

Course Fees

4000 3 Months Course
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Our FemaleArabic Calligraphy trainer is fully focused and you can get personal attention and can receive full time.during live class.

  • You will learn and practice each letter in depth.
  • Adaptive tools to simplify Arabic Calligraphy : Langauge should never be a barrier.
  • Helping students revive Arabic calligraphy.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Recorded Classes for each letter.
  • Lifetime Access to arabic calligraphy program.

We only hire Online Females

4000 Indian rupess for Indian Students.